Well it's official (finally!) Into the Dust is in the pages of Previews Magazine starting in May 2007! Look for it under Tool Publications. If you are an interested Publisher who would like to publish Into the Dust, please email me.

Chapter 4 is Here!!
It took a long time yet again, but Chapter 4 is here! And to top that off, you can read the entire book for free!!!! Just click here! For those of you who really want a print copy, it is soon to be available, you may pre-order it from the store now. The print copy features a blank cover, which will have a custom drawing by the artist himself! It has a bit of a heavier price tag due to that fact. But I urge all of you to read Chapter 4 for free here!

Chapter 3 is Here!!
Sorry it took so long folks, it won't happen again. The book is available in the shop. Order away! By tha way, I only update this news feed when I.T.D. has an update...if you want more of what I am up to these days, check out this site's parent site. jesserubenfeld.net

New Forum and #3 Update
The other day I got a wonderful review of my book by Chuck Moore at ComicRelated.com He then made me an offer I could not refuse...to move my forum to Comic Related! So Hello all you Comic Related folks! In other news, just moments ago I put the final touches on the last page of Chapter 3, It will be available exclusively at this web site within the next few weeks. Chapters 4, 5, and 6 will be collected with 1-3 in a graphic novel this coming year. But they themselves will not see "print" in individual issues. But do not worry fans, you will still get to read it as it goes along. I will be putting up chapter 4 completely for folks to read as soon as it gets done. Check out the new forum for more news.

Book 3 Preview
The first 6 pages of book 3 will be available to read on October 10th..

The Store is Now Open
Can't Seem to find that Issue in comic shops? well you are in luck, I have quite a few copies I am willing to sell you! Heck, buy a few and help a guy out! Original art is also for sale, at hard to beat prices!

Into the Dust Books